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Perfect Artificial Rain Drops Created for Movie

"Noah" Simulated Rain Perfected with High Pressure Pumps


Achieving the perfect size raindrop on the set of the movie, Noah, required the right mix of equipment as well as a dedicated operations team to ensure the system operated correctly when the cameras were rolling.


Rain for Rent provided the system design and expertise to achieve the desired raindrop size on the set.

Rain for Rent on the set of Noah


The Rain for Rent team designed a system that utilized a combination of high head pumps, valves, manifolds and other equipment that could be adjusted to meet specific GPM and PSI needs to simulate realistic looking raindrops on camera. Rain for Rent was chosen for this project based on previous work with the special effects company as well as providing a cost-effective, reliable system. Prior to filming, Rain for Rent tested the system by manipulating the valves and manifolds coming off the tanks to ensure it would work properly and everything would look good on camera.


The customer was very pleased with Rain for Rent’s readiness, timely delivery of equipment and being available at all hours of the day or night depending on the shooting schedule. Rain for Rent had a service person onsite to run the pumps, monitor tanks and ensure the proper pressure was achieved for the rain storm.

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