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Innovative pump platforms power canal bypass

Canal bypass during construction provides vital residential, agricultural water supply.

A Northern California county with more than one million residents needed to be supplied with enough municipal and irrigation water from the local canal during a year-long fish screen construction project. 

Rain for Rent designed and built a turn-key solution providing irrigation and municipal districts with all their water needs.

Six specially-designed modular floating platforms with 88-HP submersible turbine pumps were floated in the canal. An additional five floating suction platforms fed water from the canal to five electric 16-inch DV400c pumps on the bank to transfer water more than 2,000 feet away.

Seven HDPE pipelines, ranging in diameter from 24 to 32-inches, carried water that eventually crossed the canal on a temporary 125 ft. free-spanning bridge and discharged at the desired point just past the cofferdam. 

The bypass was with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) interface to give the county remote flow-control.

The entire project was designed, built and installed by Rain for Rent personnel, including a bridge which provided single-lane access for vehicles needing to cross the canal.

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