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  1. Where can I get temporary tanks for pH adjustment? Details

    Often times, temporary surge or equalization tanks are needed for pH adjustment prior to discharging process water into a wastewater treatment system. Whether you must treat prior to meeting municipal water discharge standards, or must meet EPA regulations, temporary equalization tanks from Rain for Rent will help your plant stay online and align your operations with your local environmental regulations. Contact Rain for Rent today to have a temporary equalization tank system built for your pH treatment needs.

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  2. How can I build a temporary tank system while my equalization tank is serviced? Details

    Many waste treatment systems have equalization tanks that help regulate flow, or provide a staging area for the treatment process additives. These tanks require regular maintenance and service, but the entire waste treatment system can't go offline during repairs. That's why Rain for Rent can help you design a temporary tank holding system powered by reliable and efficient pumps. Whether they are mixing tanks, large 21,000 gallon steel tanks or poly tanks, a custom system can be built for your temporary tank service bypass needs.

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  3. How can Rain for Rent help with effluent water storage and suspended solids removal? Details

    When treating effluent water from an industrial water treatment plant, or any source of water that many contain suspended solids, this water must be filtered and treated properly before being discharged. Rain for Rent offers a variety of weir water storage tanks and boxes for solids settling. For water mixed with oils, the Oil Water Separator systems are an effective treatment method. Best of all, these solids removal methods are powered by gravity.

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  4. How can I be OSHA compliant when I need workers on top of Frac tanks? Details

    Rain for Rent offers a Frac Tank Lifeline System (FTLS) that easily installs on any frac tank farm setup. Coupled with SolidGround™ Traction Mats, you can rest assured that your team will be safe and protected on top of tanks throughout the frac.

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  5. How can I capture pipeline pigging fluids? Details

    A contractor working on cleaning existing natural gas pipelines via a pigging cleaning method required temporary storage to hold the pipeline liquids (90% compressor oil). Rain for Rent’s 21,000 gallon steel manifold tanks provide the storage and scalability needed for this vital pipeline project work.

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  6. How can Rain for Rent help during tank refurbishment? Details

    When large water-holding tanks require necessary maintenance, there is no need to saddle your business with the cost of replacing lost water or disposing of your produced water.

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